Burundi is a least-developed Sub-Saharan country (LDC) which is trying to find its way forward after many years of civil war (and a still highly tense and volatile political situation). Its GNI per capita has gone from US $ 90 in 2005 to US $ 280 in 2015. The range of problems facing the government is such that little attention has been paid to improving the business climate. In some respects conditions have worsened: e.g. while it took 433 days to enforce a contract in 2005, it would take 832 days in 2015. On the other hand, progress was made in the field of taxes: from an overall tax rate of 153,4 % of profits in 2010 the rate had been lowered to 45.7% in 2015. This should help entrepreneurs moving from the informal to the formal sector. Nevertheless, Burundi’s WB Doing Business ranking has gone from 143rd in 2006 to 152nd in 2015.
Burundi’s employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Association des Employeurs du Burundi (AEB), member of the International Organisation of Employers. After a fact-finding mission to Burundi in 2009 DECP decided to start working with the AEB. One of the achievements of our cooperation was the setting-up of a health-insurance scheme for the workers of Burundi's private sector.

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