Ghana’s economy has made considerable progress over the past years. Its GNI per capita has increased from 380 US $ in 2006 to 1760 US $ in 2015. Also, the government’s strategy of improving the business climate is producing results. E.g. starting a business has been much simplified: while it took 12 procedures and 81 days in 2005, it took only 8 procedures and 14 days in 2015. A major constraint however is the uncertain provision of electricity which has a negative impact on productivity both for the manufacturing as well as the service industry.

Ghana’s WB Doing Business ranking has gone from 82nd place in 2006 to 70th in 2015.
Ghana’s employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Ghana Employers’ Association, member of the International Organisation of Employers. DECP undertook a fact-finding mission to GEA in early 2007 and concluded a partnership agreement in November 2007.
Cooperation between GEA and DECP has focussed on developing a strategic plan and on recruiting and retaining members, as well as on developing income-generating services. Other priorities include the setting up of a sustainable regional structure.

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Ghana Retreat of the Ghana Employers Federation facilitated

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