Kenya’s economy appears to be doing rather well, despite the recent social and political upheaval. Its GNI per capita has increased from 460 US $ in 2005 to 930 US $ in 2015.
However its business climate has dropped from 68th place in the WB Doing Business ranking in 2006 to 136th in 2015. In some respects, conditions have improved: starting a business used to take 13 procedures and 54 days in 2005, as against 10 procedures and 30 days in 2015.
On other scores, conditions have worsened: a Kenyan entrepreneur trying to enforce a contract needed 360 days involving 25 procedures in 2005, as against 465 days and 44 procedures in 2015.

Kenyan employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE), member of the International Organisation of Employers. DECP undertook a first fact-finding mission to Kenya in 2007 and has been working with the FKE since then. DECP and FKE signed a partnership agreement in December 2008.
In their cooperation FKE and DECP have focussed i.a. on a comprehensive strategy to increase FKE’s income, on enhancing its services and the communication with its members, on strengthening its regional network as well as developing its research and advocacy capacity.

Kenya: FKE to launch study on effects of strike

July 2018

Kenya: FKE to launch study on effects of strikes

Kenya: New strategic plan adopted by FKE

April 2018

Kenya New strategic plan adopted by FKE

Kenya More freedom of movement of persons in the East African Community

December 2016

Kenya Strengthening the links between sector and central employers organisations in Africa

December 2016

Kenya New DECP country manager meets FKE

August 2016

DECP's new country manager meets the EAEO

July 2016

The EAEO's Technical and Executive Committees meet

December 2015

2 Workshops in Nairobi

December 2015

The EAEO's Executive Committee meets in Nairobi

September 2015

Kenya The FKE Business Agenda 2016-2018

July 2015

The EAEO's Technical Committee meets in Zanzibar

July 2015

Kenya Working towards an FKE Service charter

April 2015

The East African Employers' Organisation meets in Arusha

March 2015

Kenya Cooperation with FKE in 2015

February 2015

The EAEO Technical Committee welcomes progress

January 2015

Uganda Advising the FUE and developing a workplan for the EAEO

November 2014

Tanzania Future development of the East African Employers Organisation (EAEO)

October 2014

Kenya Advisory mission to FKE

October 2014

Reviewing the Business Agendas of Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda

August 2014

The future of the East African Employers Organisation

Kenya Working towards an FKE Business Agenda for 2015-2017

July 2014

Kenya FKE and DECP discuss their cooperation in 2014-2017

January 2014

Kenya Looking ahead to 2014-2017

August 2013

ProInvest follow up: Consolidating capacity built

July 2013

The EAEO launches its report on the Free Movement of Workers

May 2013

Kenya Working towards an Employers Summit

March 2013

The EAEO's Executive Committee meets in Kigali on January 28th 2013

January 2013

The EAEO's Technical Committee meets in Nairobi

January 2013

EAEO Free Movement of Labour in the EAC

Augustus 2012

Kenya Next steps for the Federation of Kenya Employers

August 2012

Kenya Communication 'brainstorm' with FKE staff

July 2012

Kenya Meeting the Chair of the EAEO

May 2012

Kenya Meeting the EAEO Coordinator

April 2012

EAEO East African Employers Organisation publicly launched

April 2012

East Africa The Trainers are training

February 2012

Kenya Strategic planning for the East African Employers Organisation

October 2011

Pro€Invest project concluded

September 2011

East Africa and Ghana: Persuasive Communication

September 2011

Kenya Working on the FKE's Business Agenda and on its Membership Pack

July 2011

A step forward for the East African Employers Organisation

May 2011

Advisory missions to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania

April 2011

First negotiation training by ATE, FKE and FUE

February-March 2011

Kenya Sharpening the Business Agenda and other issues at the FKE

January 2011

Training-of-trainers in negotiation skills (Kenya)

November 2010

Advisory missions by DECP country manager to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania

September 2010

Advisory missions DECP country manager to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

April & May 2010

Advisory missions to Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya

February 2010

Combined advisory missions to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya

December 2009

Advisory mission to FKE in Kenya

September 2009

Advisory mission to FKE Kenya

May 2009

Advisory missions to Rwanda and Kenya

in 2008

Workshop on negotiation techniques, held in Kenya and Uganda

August 2008

Advisory mission to Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE)

April 2008