Malawi is a least-developed Sub-Saharan country which is facing a host of economic and social problems, to which a severe drought was recently added. Its GNI p.c. went from 170 US$ in 2006 to 270 US$ in 2015. Its WB Doing Business ranking dropped from 96th in 2006 to 164th in 2015. The overall tax rate used to be 56.5 % in 2006, but it has been substantially lowered to 35.5 % in 2015. However, enforcing a contract used to take 16 procedures and 277 days in 2006, as against 42 procedures and 432 days in 2015.

The Malawian employers' national and international interests are being represented by the Employers' Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM), which is a member of the International Organisation of Employers (IOE). DECP undertook a fact-finding mission to Malawi in October 2015 at the end of which DECP and ECAM agreed to work towards a closer cooperation and a formalisation of their relations.

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