Rwanda is a landlocked low income country which saw its GNI per capita rise from 220 US $ in 2005 to 620 US $ in 2015. Rwanda’s government is making a very determined effort to stimulate and liberalise the economy and improvement of the business climate is a top priority.
Its ranking in the WB Doing Business report has improved very substantially from 139th place in 2006 to 46th in 2015 and the country is now among the top reformers of recent years.
Starting a business used to take 9 procedures and 21 days in 2005. In 2015 it took just 8 procedures and 6.5 days. In 2005 registering property would take 5 procedures and 371 days. In 2015 it would take 3 procedures and 32 days.

Rwandan employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Rwanda Private Sector Federation (RPSF), member of the International Organisation of Employers. DECP first contacted the RPSF in 2006 and concluded a partnership agreement in 2007.
Cooperation between DECP and the PSF is focussed on developing a sustainable financial basis and income generating services, on improving its research and advocacy capacity and on raising PSF’s profile as the independent voice of the private sector.

DECP's new country manager meets the EAEO

July 2016

The EAEO's Technical and Executive Committees meet

December 2015

The EAEO's Executive Committee meets in Nairobi

September 2015

Rwanda Meeting the new CEO of the Private Sector Foundation

July 2015

The EAEO's Technical Committee meets in Zanzibar

July 2015

The East African Employers' Organisation meets in Arusha

March 2015

Uganda Advising the FUE and developing a workplan for the EAEO

November 2014

Tanzania Future development of the East African Employers Organisation (EAEO)

October 2014

Rwanda Follow-up to the Senior Management Retreat

September 2014

Reviewing the Business Agendas of Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda

August 2014

The future of the East African Employers Organisation

Rwanda Senior Management Training Retreat

May 2014

Rwanda Building PSF staff capacity

February 2014

Rwanda DECP and PSF explore areas for further cooperation

January 2014

Rwanda Training the PSF districts

November 2013

Rwanda DECP and PSF preparing training for the districts

October 2013

Rwanda Cooperation between DECP and PSF

August 2013

ProInvest follow up: Consolidating capacity built

July 2013

Rwanda The challenge of Technical Vocational Education and Training

May 2013

The EAEO launches its report on the Free Movement of Workers

May 2013

Rwanda The PSF moves towards financial stability

March 2013

The EAEO's Executive Committee meets in Kigali on January 28th 2013

January 2013

The EAEO's Technical Committee meets in Nairobi

January 2013

Rwanda Developing a new concept

October 2012

EAEO Free Movement of Labour in the EAC

Augustus 2012

Rwanda Moving ahead with the Private Sector Federation (PSF)

August 2012

Rwanda DECP supports engine of economic growth

June 2012

Rwanda DECP supports the re-organisation of the PSF

May 2012

Rwanda Defining next steps with the PSF's new CEO

April 2012

EAEO East African Employers Organisation publicly launched

April 2012

East Africa The Trainers are training

February 2012

Rwanda The Private Sector Foundation (PSF) in transition

November 2011

Pro€Invest project concluded

September 2011

East Africa and Ghana: Persuasive Communication

September 2011

Rwanda Working on key issues with the PSF Kigali

August 2011

Pro€Invest training in Rwanda and discussions with PSF Rwanda

27 March - 4 April 2011

First negotiation training by ATE, FKE and FUE

February-March 2011

Advisory missions to Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania

in Nov/Dec 2010

Advisory missions DECP country manager to Rwanda, Ghana and Tanzania

October & November 2010

Advisory missions by DECP country manager to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania

September 2010

Advisory missions DECP country manager to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

April & May 2010

Training-of-trainers in negotiation skills Rwanda

July 2009

Advisory mission to PSF Rwanda

May 2009

Workshop on 'Project design'

May 2009

Advisory missions to Rwanda and Kenya

in 2008

Advisory mission to PSF in Rwanda,

January 2008

Training the Rwanda Private Sector Federation

October 2007