Tanzania is a low-income Sub-Saharan country which has over a number of years changed course from a centrally led economy to a more liberal and market-oriented one. Its GNI per capita has grown from 330 US $ in 2005 to 630 US $ in 2015.
This change of course is reflected in its WB Doing Business ranking which has improved from 140th place in 2006 to 131th in 2015. However, while several reforms have been implemented, there have also been setbacks. The enforcement of contracts is a case in point: while in 2005 it would take 21 procedures and 242 days, it would take 38 procedures and 515 days in 2015.
Tanzanian employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE), member of the International Organisation of Employers. DECP first contacted the ATE in 2006, undertook a fact-finding mission in 2007 and signed a partnership agreement in 2008.
Cooperation between ATE and DECP has focussed on developing income generating services, strengthening both ATE’s research and advocacy capacity, developing a sustainable regional structure and improving its communication with members.
DECP will continue to work with ATE in the development of its membership services and the drive to ensure that it moves towards a sustainable financial position. DECP also provides technical support to the development of the ATE regional office in Arusha as well as assistance for the continued development of the key advocacy role that ATE plays on employment issues in Tanzania.

Tanzania: ATE dealing with minimum wages

23 February

Tanzania: ATE dealing with minimum wages

Tanzania DECP trains employers' organisation on advocacy and lobbying

September 2017

Tanzania DECP conducts retreat of the Board of ATE

September 2017

Tanzania New DECP country manager meets ATE

August 2016

DECP's new country manager meets the EAEO

July 2016

The EAEO's Technical and Executive Committees meet

December 2015

2 Workshops in Nairobi

December 2015

The EAEO's Executive Committee meets in Nairobi

September 2015

Tanzania Monitoring ATE's progress on its workplan 2015

July 2015

The EAEO's Technical Committee meets in Zanzibar

July 2015

The East African Employers' Organisation meets in Arusha

March 2015

Tanzania Cooperating with ATE in 2015

January 2015

The EAEO Technical Committee welcomes progress

January 2015

Uganda Advising the FUE and developing a workplan for the EAEO

November 2014

Tanzania Future development of the East African Employers Organisation (EAEO)

October 2014

Reviewing the Business Agendas of Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda

August 2014

The future of the East African Employers Organisation

Tanzania Developing the ATE Business Agenda for 2015-2017

July 2014

Tanzania Assessing the East African Employers Organisation

May 2014

Tanzania Profiling ATE's training and legal services

March 2014

Tanzania Funding options for the EAEO / training ATE at fundraising

February 2014

Tanzania ATE and DECP planning their cooperation in 2014-2017

January 2014

Tanzania Employer of the Year Awards 2013

December 2013

Tanzania Looking ahead to 2014 - 2017

August 2013

ProInvest follow up: Consolidating capacity built

July 2013

The EAEO launches its report on the Free Movement of Workers

May 2013

Tanzania Serving ATE's members is key

May 2013

Tanzania Preparing a national policy event on Social Security

March 2013

The EAEO's Executive Committee meets in Kigali on January 28th 2013

January 2013

Tanzania ATE 's initiatives for 2013

January 2013

The EAEO's Technical Committee meets in Nairobi

January 2013

Tanzania Meeting the East African Business Council and ATE Arusha

November 2012

EAEO Free Movement of Labour in the EAC

Augustus 2012

Zanzibar Meeting the President of ZANEMA

April 2012

EAEO East African Employers Organisation publicly launched

April 2012

Tanzania Developing the ATE workplan for 2012

January 2012

East Africa The Trainers are training

February 2012

East African Employers Organisation up and running

January 2012

Tanzania ATE's workplan for 2012

November 2011

Tanzania Advising on how to collect subscriptions

October 2011

Pro€Invest project concluded

September 2011

East Africa and Ghana: Persuasive Communication

September 2011

Tanzania Communicating with members and completing the ATE Business Agenda

August 2011

Advisory missions to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania

April 2011

First negotiation training by ATE, FKE and FUE

February-March 2011

Advisory mission to Tanzania

February 2011

Advisory missions to Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania

in Nov/Dec 2010

Advisory missions DECP country manager to Rwanda, Ghana and Tanzania

October & November 2010

Advisory missions by DECP country manager to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania

September 2010

Advisory missions DECP country manager to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

April & May 2010

Advisory missions to Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya

February 2010

Combined advisory missions to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya

December 2009

Advisory mission to Association of Tanzania Employers

October 2009

Advisory mission to the ATE in Tanzania

August 2009

Advisory mission to ATE Tanzania

April 2009

Joint training ITC-ILO and DECP for staff and members at ATE Tanzania

March 2009

Advisory missions to Ghana and Tanzania

in 2008

Advisory mission to Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE)

April 2008