Indonesia’s economy is improving, considering the rise of its GNI per capita from 1140 US $ in 2005 to 3580 US $ in 2015. The government is trying to improve the business environment: e.g. in order to start a business an Indonesian entrepreneur needed 12 procedures and 151 days back in 2005. In 2015 he or she would need 10 procedures and 52 days.
Still, there is considerable room for improvement. According to the WB Doing Business ranking Indonesia’s business climate occupied 115th place in 2005, and only 114th in 2015.

Indonesian employers’ interests are being represented by the employers’ organisation APINDO - member of the International Organisation of Employers - and by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry KADIN. They became DECP’s partners after concluding a partnership agreement in May 2006. In the past years, through a number of workshops - mostly organised in cooperation with ILO/ITC - DECP has focussed on a number of priorities such as lobbying and advocacy, services to members, governance, minimum wages, occupational safety and health, social dialogue, communication with members and the division of labour between the head office and the regional and district offices.

Indonesia: Skills development by extending apprenticeships

November 2018

Indonesia Skills development by extending apprenticeships

Indonesia: Training-of-trainers successful

November 2018

Indonesia: Training-of-trainers successful

Indonesia: Support of social Dialogue

February 2018

Indonesia Introducing Social Dialogue in provinces

April 2017

Indonesia Introducing Social Dialogue in provinces

Indonesia Lobbying for the APINDO regions

October 2016

Indonesia A seminar on negotiating skills

May 2016

ASEAN A brainstorm with the Asean Confederation of Employers (ACE)

May 2016

Indonesia A workshop on implementing strategic planning

March 2016

Indonesia Planning DECP-APINDO cooperation in 2016

November 2015

Indonesia Workshop in Medan Strengthening the region

October 2015

Indonesia A workshop on strengthening the Apindo regions

April 2015

Indonesia A seminar on strategic planning for APINDO

Januari 2015

Indonesia Setting the agenda for 2015-2017

October 2014

Indonesia Opportunities for future cooperation

August 2013

Indonesia DECP trains Indonesian employers on minimum wages

March 2013

Indonesia DECP assists Indonesian employers in minimum wage discussions

August 2012

Indonesia How to set up training services for employers

February 2012

Indonesia Enhancing the Apindo secretariat's lobbying skills

December 2011

Indonesia Improving APINDO's lobbying capacity

July 2011

Training on membership of APINDO in Indonesia

November / December 2010

Training for the eastern provinces and districts of APINDO Indonesia

April 2009

Workshop for Young Entrepreneurs of Indonesia (HIPMI)

March 2008

Joint ILO-DECP training for APINDO chapters in Indoneisa

March 2008

Management training to empower and develop women entrepreneurship and SME's, Indonesia

December 2007

Training programme for Indonesian regional EO's

June 2007

Training programme for the Indonesian Employers' Organisations KADIN and APINDO,

December 2006