Mongolia is transforming its economy from a centrally planned one to a free market oriented one. It is making progress as witnessed by the growth of its GNI per capita from 590 US $ in 2006 to 3770 US $ in 2015. A booming mining industry is playing a significant role here.
Economic reform and liberalisation are taking place, but at a rate which would seem to be slower than in ‘competing’ countries: Mongolia's WB Doing Business rating has dropped from 61st in 2006 to 72nd in 2015.

Mongolian employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF), member of the International Employers Organisation. As such DECP first contacted MONEF in 2006 and a partnership agreement was signed in April 2008. In recent years cooperation between MONEF and DECP has focussed on strengthening MONEF's regional chapters and improving its communication.

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Mongolia: MONEF promotes a strong vocational skills policy

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