Pakistan is a lower middle income country facing a range of political, social and economic problems. Its GNI per capita increased from 600 US $ in 2006 to 1380 US $ in 2015.
The business environment has worsened substantially with Pakistan's WB Doing Business rating dropping from 60th place in 2006 to 128th place in 2015 : e.g. the time needed to enforce a contract has increased from 395 days in 2006 to 993 days in 2015.

Pakistan’s employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP), member of the International Organisation of Employers. In early 2015 DECP undertook a fact-finding mission to EFP as a result of which both parties agreed on setting up a longer term cooperation. In an EFP Board retreat in September 2015 an EFP Growth Strategy has been established and agreed by the Board.

Pakistan: EFP discovers members' needs

September 2018

Pakistan: EFP discovers members' needs

Pakistan: EFP moves forward

February 2018

Pakistan EFP moves forward

Pakistan Preparing cooperation for 2018

December 2017

Pakistan Preparing cooperation for 2018

Pakistan DECP meets with EFP to discuss progress

September 2017

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May 2017

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January 2017

Pakistan Monitoring progress made on EPF's Growth Strategy

August 2016

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May 2016

SAFE South Asian Forum of Employers 5th meeting

March 2016

Pakistan Monitoring progress on the EFP Growth Strategy

February 2016

Pakistan An Action Plan for the Employers' Federation

September 2015

Pakistan Setting the cooperation agenda

May 2015

Pakistan Fact-finding mission to the Employers' Federation of Pakistan (EFP)

March 2015

SAFE South Asian Forum of Employers' meeting in Colombo

October 2014

Pakistan Training the Employers' Federation of Pakistan

May 2014

DECP supports South Asian Federations of Employers (SAFE)

October 2013

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April 2013

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May 2012

DECP meets and trains Pakistan Employers Federation

May 2011

Visit to Nepal to train and speak with Nepalese and Pakistan Employers Federations

March 2010