Vietnam is a lower middle income country which is undergoing a profound transformation from having a centrally led command economy to a more liberal market economy.
Its GNI per capita has increased from 550 US $ in 2006 to 1730 US $ in 2015.
In part due top the government’s pro market policies Vietnam’s WB Doing Business overall ranking has improved from 99th in 2006 to 78th in 2015. Starting a business has been made somewhat easier: in 2005 it took 11 procedures and 50 days, as against 10 procedures and 34 days in 2015. Similarly, registering property took 5 procedures and 67 days in 2006, as against 4 procedures and 57 days in 2015.
Vietnam’s employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), member of the International Organisation of Employers. DECP undertook a fact-finding mission to the VCCI and concluded a partnership agreement in 2008. In implementing the agreement DECP has worked mostly with the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council (VWEC) in particular on advocacy and lobbying, on communication both with members and the media. In recent years our cooperation has focused in particular on occupational safety and health and on social dialogue.

Vietnam: Ongoing development and training of trainers

March 2018

Vietnam Ongoing developments and training of trainers

Vietnam Workshop for management Business Associations

May 2017

Vietnam Second training of trainers lobbying skills

March 2017

Vietnam DECP supports consultative roadshow VCCI on Labour Code Changes

March 2017

Vietnam Refreshment training on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) approach

March 2017

Vietnam Refreshment course in December

December 2016

Vietnam Sixth Consultation Conference Labour Relations Network in Ho Chi Minh City

December 2016

Vietnam Training of Trainers of Lobbying skills

September 2016

Vietnam The first generation trainers continue training the second

July 2016

Vietnam Social Dialogue training by Vietnamese trainers

June 2016

Vietnam Refreshment training on mediation skills

June 2016

Vietnam Fifth conference on the labour relations network

June 2016

ASEAN A brainstorm with the Asean Confederation of Employers (ACE)

May 2016

Vietnam The first generation of trainers trains the second

April 2016

Vietnam A pilot training in Social Dialogue

March 2016

Vietnam DECP program to enhance labor relations

November 2015

Vietnam Towards a more effective Social Dialogue

April 2015

Vietnam A refreshment course in negotations and mediation

April 2015

Vietnam Higher standards in Occupational Safety and Health

April 2015

Vietnam A second Conference on Labour Relations

November 2014

Vietnam Mediation Skills Training

April 2014

Vietnam Training of Trainers Course in Occupational Safety and Health

November 2013

Vietnam Negotiations skills Training of trainers check up

October 2013

Vietnam Training of Trainers on Occupational Safety and Health

June 2013

Vietnam A network meeting for Vietnamese trainers

May 2013

Vietnam Lobby workshop Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council

March 2013

Vietnam Vietnamese trainers prove their skills

March 2013

Vietnam Third and final session: Training of Trainers concluded in Ho Chi Minh City

November 2012

Vietnam Codes of Practice for the wood industry

October 2012

Vietnam Lobby Workshops for the Vietnamese Women Entrepreneurs Council (VWEC) in Hanoi and Haiphong

July 2012

Vietnam Training of Trainers expanded to Ho Chi Minh City

July 2012

Vietnam Training of Trainers concluded

December 2011

Vietnam Lobbying skills are vital

October 2011

Vietnam Training the Trainers negotiating skills - sessions 1 and 2

June/August 2011

Vietnam Train the trainers on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

June 2011

Vietnam Modernising the Labour Law

May 2011

2 Training Courses in Vietnam

March 2011

Vietnam workshops on Occupational Safety and Health

November 2010

Workshops on Collective Bargaining in Vietnam

August 2010

Workshops on communication and lobby, held in Vietnam

April 2010

Training-of-trainers by the Vietnam Women Entrepreneur Council on 'Start your Business'.

Workshops on communication, attracting members & Lobbying in Vietnam

March 2009