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Bolivia is a lower middle income country in Latin America which is trying to diversify its economy in order to be less dependent on the exports of commodities. To achieve this, Bolivia should structurally improve its business climate. E.g. the level of taxes is clearly discouraging entrepreneurship: while in 2005 the corporate tax rate was 64 %, it had been raised to 83,7 % in 2015. Unsurprisingly, Bolivia’s WB Doing Business rating has dropped from 111th in 2006 to 157th in 2015.

In Bolivia much economic policy and legislation have been devolved to the 9 regions which enjoy a high degree of autonomy. DECP has therefore focussed on establishing relations with regional business member organisations which are quite active. DECP has been working with the Federación de Entidades Empresariales Privadas de Cochabamba (FEPC), and with federations in Oruro (FEPO) , Chuquisaca FEPCh), La Paz (FEPLP), Santa Cruz (FEPSC), Potosí (FEPP) and Tarija (FEPT).

Among other things, DECP has enabled the leadership of these federations to meet and exchange experiences and knowhow during half-yearly meetings covering all aspects of managing a business member organisation. DECP has also contributed to the setting up of the Corporate Social Responsibility Observatory (ORSE). This Observatory actively promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) amongst the regional business community. It also created a CSR label which, provided they meet a number of criteria, allow companies to distinguish themselves through their corporate image, services and products. The federation of Cochambamba was the first to set up such a centre with DECP's help, but most others have followed their example so that some 90% of Bolivia is now covered.

Other DECP activities included the strengthening of the organisation of the federations by providing training on lobbying and communication and the drafting of strategic and business plans, as well as the financing of magazines and surveys of the business community in the various regions. .

Bolivia: Social partners establish a common agenda

September 2018

Bolivia Industrial Safety Council

In various Latin American countries, employers’ organisations ..
A lot of media interest

Bolivia: Creation of Industrial Safety Council

June 2018

Bolivia Creation of Industrial Safety Counsil

Bolivia: 15 female entrepreneurs become skilled in leadership and innovation

April 2018

Bolivia 15 female entrepreneurs become skilled in leadership and innovation

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November 2017

Bolivia Employers develop app to fight administrative burden

Bolivian employers' organization FEPSC starts incubator for women entrepreneurs

Bolivia Assisting companies in implementing CSR

May 2016

Bolivia Entrepreneurs in Tarija improve their communication skills

November 2015

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June 2015


Bolivia Partnership Agreement with the FEP La Paz

October 2014

Bolivia DECP supports a Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

October 2014

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May 2014

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November 2013

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November 2013

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November 2013

Bolivia (Chuquisaca) Employers work out a strategic plan

November 2013

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November 2013

Bolivia DECP supports Conciliation and Arbitration Centre

May 2013

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April 2013

Bolivia Employers in La Paz seek cooperation with DECP

October 2012

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May 2012

Bolivia DECP signs Partnership Agreement with the Federacion de Empresarios de Chuquisaca

April 2012

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November 2011

DECP workshops on communication strategy in Bolivia

May 2011

Workshops on Communication in Bolivia

February 2011

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February 2011

Advisory mission: DECP visits several business organisations in Bolivia

July 2010

Workshop on Communication and Lobby for Bolivian FEPC

February 2010

DECP financed strategic plan for Bolivian employers' organization

February 2010

Advisory mission to FEPC Bolivia and workshops on Governance Services and Attracting Members

May 2009

Audit and advice to the Cámera de Industria in Cochabamba, Bolivia

January 2008