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Peru is an upper middle income country which has made substantial progress over the past decade. The GNI has increased from 2.360 US$ in 2006 to 6.390 US$ in 2015. In the WB's Ease of Doing Business ranking Peru has progressed from 71st place in 2006 to 35th in 2015. While starting a business would take 102 days in 2006, today it takes only 26. The corporate tax rate used to be 50.7 % in 2006, as against 36% in 2015. Registering property took 33 days in 2006, but only 6.5 in 2015.

DECP has recently started to work with the Sociedad Nacional de Industria (SNI), a Business Member Organisation (BMO) with a history of over 100 years. The SNI takes a keen interest in social dialogue and intends to work with Peru's largest union the Confederacion General de Trabajadores del Peru (CGTP) on this issue. The CGTP has been supported by the Dutch Mondiaal FNV (Union). For its part DECP is cooperating with Mondiaal FNV as well on this issue.

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