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Macedonia is a young country and its economy is in transition from being more or less centrally led to being a free-market oriented one. It is making economic progress as witnessed by the growth of its GNI from 2350 US $ in 2006 to 4800 US $ in 2015. Its WB Doing Business ranking has improved from 81st place in 2006 to 30th in 2015. It now takes only 2 days and 2 procedures to start a business, as against 48 days and 13 procedures in 2006.

Macedonian employers’ interests are being represented by the Business Confederation of Madeconia (BCM). DECP first contacted BCM in 2006 and signed a partnership agreement with them in February of 2009. Cooperation between BCM and DECP has focused on enhancing BCM’s representativeness by increasing its membership both at the sector level and at the regional level, as well as by offering new services. DECP is also assisting BCM in its attempts to be represented in the Economic and Social Council of Macedonia.

Macedonia The Gazelles Awards

October 2016

Macedonia Creating employment awards

March 2016

Macedonia Launching an award for SME's

January 2016

Macedonia Advisory visit to BCM

September 2015

Macedonia A sector organisation for the Footwear and Leather Industry

June 2015

Macedonia A workshop on Lobbying and Advocacy

August 2014

Macedonia Follow-up workshop on a newsletter

May 2014

Macedonia A Conference on Women Entrepreneurship

April 2014

Macedonia How to draft a newsletter

April 2014

Macedonia Women entrepreneurs team up with BusinessMacedonia

February 2014

Macedonia Looking ahead to 2014-2017

July 2013

Macedonia A new training centre for BUSINESSMACEDONIA

June 2012

Macedonia An open discussion on Tourism policy

October 2011

Macedonia: Advocacy on seasonal work in food processing industry

September 2010

Visit to CERM/BCM in Macedonia

July 2010

Macedonia: first workshop in the framework of BOSMIP 3

April 2010

Presence DECP at 2 activities of CERM in Macedonia

November 2009

CERM Macedonia: start of a pilot project for servicing SME's

June 2009

CERM Macedonia: set-up of a pilot project for assisting members in calculation of social contributions

April 2009

Advisory mission to Macedonia and Partnership Agreement with CERM

February 2009

Conference on Food Safety in Skopje (Macedonia)

October 2008

Workshop on Risk Assessment in Macedonia

August 2008

Round Table for setting-up a new Federation for temporary work agencies in Macedonia

February 2008

Promotional Conferences and Publication of Business Survey of CERM, Macedonia

November/December 2007

Promotional Conference by the Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Macedonia CERM

March 2007

Promotional Conference in Skopje, organised by CERM, Republic of Macedonia

December 2006