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Moldova’s economy is in transition from a command economy to a more free-market oriented one. It is making progress, judging from the increase in its GNI per capita from 710 US $ in 2006 to 2450 US $ in 2015. Moldova's WB Doing Business rating has substantially improved from 83rd in 2006 to 63rd in 2015.
Starting a business has been made easier: from 10 procedures and 30 days in 2006 to 5 procedures and 6 days in 2015. Registering property used to take 6 procedures and 48 days in 2006, as against 5 procedures and 5.5 days in 2015.

Moldova’s employers’ national and international interests are being represented by the Confederatia Nationala a Patronatului din Republica Moldova (CNPM) a member of the International Organisation of Employers. DECP first contacted CNPM in 2006. DECP and CNPM concluded a partnership agreement in June 2008, in which the FNPAIA, the agricultural and food-industry association, was also mentioned as a beneficiary. DECP supports the advocacy initiatives of both CNPM and FNPAIA in order to increase their audience.

CNPM releases first newsletter with support of DECP

May 2017

Moldova CNPM develops communication tools

February 2017

Moldova DECP's new country manager meets the CNPM

July 2016

Moldova The CNPM celebrates its 20th anniversary

April 2016

Moldova Advisory mission to the CNPM

November 2015

Moldova Meeting the new Executive Director of CNPM

March 2015

Moldova Advisory mission to CNPM

November 2014

Moldova Workshop on drafting a newsletter

August 2014

Moldova Workshop on Lobbying and advocacy

February 2014

Moldova Prime Minister works with CNPM for a better business climate

November 2013

Moldova Drafting a business plan for 2014-2017

August 2013

Moldova FNPAIA updates its Policy Book

July 2013

Moldova Advocacy initiatives by CNPM and FNPAIA

February 2013

Moldova Meeting the leaders of CNPM and FNPAIA

October 2012

Moldova How to draft a newsletter for FNPAIA

November 2011

Moldova Safety signs for CNPM and a workshop on FNPAIA's Policy Book

June 2011

Launch of policy book by FNPAIA Moldova

November 2010

Moldova Drafting a Policy Book of the FNPAIA

October 2010

Visit of CNPM Moldova to OSH center in Bulgaria

March 2010

Advisory mission to Moldova

September 2009

Advisory mission to CNPM Moldova

March 2009

Workshop on Occupational Safety & Health (OSH), held in Moldova

June 2008

Advisory mission to CNPM in Moldova

February 2008

Workshop on Making and Keeping Members in Moldova

September 2007

Promotion of Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining among the local sections of FNPAIA in Moldova

January 2007

Assessment of Social Dialogue in agri-business sector at regional and local level in Moldova

October 2006