Agriterra. Specialist in cooperatives

Agriterra. Specialist in cooperatives

Professional cooperatives and farmer organisations are key for sustainable economic development. They are the engine of progress. It leads to a stable and prosperous agri-sector and economy as a whole. Agriterra strengthens farmer ownership to stimulate strong and vibrant rural areas.

How Agriterra works

As an international specialist in cooperative development, Agriterra works by using a three-track approach. Agriterra makes cooperatives bankable and create real farmer-led businesses. They improve extension services to members and enhance farmer-government dialogues. Agriterra uses Agripool, their knowledge broker agency which is a unique pool of hundreds of agricultural experts from the Netherlands and other countries. Agriterra builds on the know-how and experience of experts in agribusiness. Agripool experts speak “the language of agribusiness” and work from farmer to farmer.

Services and products

The three-track approach is executed­ through peer-to-peer involvement in advisory services, training and exchange visits. Training focuses on Management & Organisation, Financial Management, Governance, Business Development and Lobby/Advocacy. Agriterra performs advice assignments for governments, banks, investors and donors (for example scopings or cooperative assessments) and act as a direct sourcing broker for agri-food businesses.


·         is an international, not-for-profit agri-agency

·         works in emerging and developing economies

·         was founded by Dutch farmers’ organisations and cooperatives 20 years ago as an organisation for international peer-to-peer agricultural cooperation