CNPB:  Conseil National du Partonat du Bénin

CNPB: Conseil National du Partonat du Bénin

The CNPB (Conseil National du Patronat du Bénin) has been established in 1984 as ‘Organisation Nationale du Paronat du Bénin’ (ONEB) and changed his name to CNP-Bénin in 1989. Although the name changed the missions didn’t:

  • - Encourage wealth creation by promoting entrepreneurship and private initiatives
  • - Support businesses and assist them in all areas that affect their life and development: labor law, taxation, training,    environment,  youth employment, etc.
  • - Improve the business environment and the competitiveness of companies
  • - Participate in the development, implementation and monitoring of our country's economic and social policies
  • - Maintain, enrich and strengthen social dialogue
  • - Boost public-private partnership, in the Republic of Benin
  • - Contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, in particular SDG8

The vision of CNP-Bénin is to make Beninese employers an instrument of dialogue, mobilization of economic operators and defence of their interests, with a view to promoting a prosperous and competitive national economy.