CNPB: Conseil National du Patronat Burkinabè

CNPB: Conseil National du Patronat Burkinabè

After getting organized in several ways in the seventies, the employers’ organisation got more and more structured in the eighties. Focusing on the private sector, all members are associations and sector organisations of which companies are members.  

In the nineties the current organisation was renamed ‘Conseil National du Patronat Burkinabé (CNPB)’.

Today, CNPB has more than 80 groups and professional associations as members. Large companies, small and medium enterprises and micro-enterprises are part of that, covering all economic sectors in Burkina Faso.

CNPB is the voice of business and has an active role in stimulating social dialogue and cooperation between the various stakeholders, including the government, trade unions and development partners. All with the interest of private sector in mind.

The Board consists of 35 members who identify major issues and determine strategy and policy of the employers’ organisation. The members of the Board are elected for a five years period which guarantees continuity.

The mission of CNPB is to protect and promote all aspects of interest of her members and to stimulate the business climate. A series of activities is carried out to provide members with relevant information and services. Stimulating social dialogue, lobbying and advocacy and services in the field of education and capacity building of the management of companies are just a few examples of the broad offer of expertise and services.  

CNPB is member of the ‘Fédération des Organisations Patronales de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (FOPAO)’*, Confédération Africaine des Employeurs (Business Africa) and the International Organisation of Employers (IOE).

*Federation of West African Employers’Organisations