EFP:  Employers' Federation of Pakistan

EFP: Employers' Federation of Pakistan

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is in South Asia. It is the world’s sixth-most populous country with a population of some 213 million people. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad although the largest city in terms of population and industry and commerce is Karachi. Pakistan has four Provinces; two Autonomous Territories and one Federal Territory.

The Employers Federation of Pakistan EFP is based in Karachi and is the premier organisation representing the interest of employers on employment issues across Pakistan. It has some 600 organisations within its membership which not only includes direct members but also sectoral organisations These members are serviced by a secretariat of 12 people and a Board of 15 representing a cross section of its membership.

The EFP provides a wide range of services which include HR Development, Training, Productivity, Occupational Safety and Health as well as Environmental and business related issues.

The DECP has been working with the EFP for some ten years. During the course of this time it has provided the EFP with technical and financial support for the development of the Board. This has taken the form of Board retreats during which priorities have been set and these retreats have also provided the opportunity to look to possible future developments within a country which has and continues to encounter a number of political challenges.

The EFP undertake a membership Survey in 2015 with technical and financial support from the DECP. This provided the EFP with a clear insight into their membership and what was expected of the organisation. This led to a number of changes in the organisations priorities.

The election of a new Government in 2017 has provided the EFP with a number of challenges in terms of its policy and advocacy development. The DECP continues to work with them at his important time.

EFP Website: http://www.efp.org.pk