ZFE:  Zambia Federation of Employers

ZFE: Zambia Federation of Employers

Zambia federation of Employers (ZFE) is the leading representative of the Zambian business community. Based in one of Lusaka’s new business districts ZFE are close to the political centre of power where the organisation is a highly respected and influential speaking partner. ZFE is a member of Zambia’s tripartite institutions.

ZFE has a thriving and growing membership of approximately 450 members, enterprises from all areas of the economy as well as sectoral organisations. Overall ZFE covers the largest part of the formal Zambian economy. The members – through the board – are the ultimate decision makers in the federation.

ZFE made a steady increase in membership in recent years, going from under 400 members in 2015 to the current number. The growth follows a systematic recruitment and retention approach through market research and the introduction of a state-of-the-art customer relation management system, both strongly supported by DECP.

The secretariat of ZFE employs 10 people, consisting of specialist in the fields of social affairs, economic affairs and labour law and their supporting staff. The organisation focuses on advocacy to improve the business environment on economic as well as social levels. Good relations with government, politics in general and with labour unions are the key words in this range of activities. ZFE also provides members with direct services through workshops, training activities and consultation – the latter especially in the fields of labour law and industrial relations. ZFE negotiates with unions on behalf of members.

Zambia, population about 18 million, ranks in the middle of African economies. Mining and agriculture are the largest sectors.