Evaluation of DECP programme very positive

Evaluation of DECP programme very positive

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The 2017-2022 programme period has recently been intensively evaluated. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had engaged a reputable agency for this. The results are satisfactory. Many goals have been achieved. The emphasis on the two pillars Social Dialogue and Membership Management has proved to be the right strategic choice. 

The DECP board responded to the evaluation report as follows ; 

“DECP welcomes the comprehensive and thorough external evaluation that has been carried out over the current program period. The evaluation of the program as relevant and effective, with broad appreciation from developing country employers' organisations and stakeholders, is a credit to the continued efforts and commitment of the DECP team over the past years.

DECP sees the evaluation as confirmation that it will continue to focus on strengthening employers' organisations and developing social dialogue in the merger with PUM. The recommendations to align the effort with broader policy priorities in development cooperation policy and to guarantee the long-term financial continuity of the program will be included in the program that the merged organisation is developing for the period up to 2030.”

Read the complete evaluation: Evaluation report 2017-2022