Dirk Joosse

Dirk Joosse

Special Advisor

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“I like to share my experiences”

'After working 35 years for the AWVN, the General Employers' Organisation in the Netherlands and giving trainings in different European countries, I got the opportunity to apply my expertise for DECP worldwide.

I have facilitated the social dialogue on local level and  given trainings of trainers on social dialogue, negotiation skills and mediation skills in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda), Asia (Vietnam and Indonesia) and South America (Peru).

These experiences made me an expert in setting up social dialogue on a local level with regard to companies, economic sectors and regions.

My core competency is how to share with people what it takes to communicate in social dialogues in such a way that everyone feels understood and taken seriously. That means being aware not only of the content and structure of the message to share, but also of the relational and emotional effects for all people involved. This results in higher productivity, better implementation of measures, less conflict and increased wellbeing of the people involved.'