2 Workshops in Nairobi

2 Workshops in Nairobi

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The DECP held two workshops in Nairobi between 30 November and 4 December 2015. Each workshop was attended by representatives from Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia.

The first workshop “Running Sustainable Training Services for Members” was held over two days and provided delegates with the opportunity to share experiences on how they delivered training and the challenges they faced.  One of the key issues raised was the need to ensure the quality of delivery either by the staff of the Employers Organisations (EO’s) or by outside consultants. It was agreed that time needed to be spent looking not only at the content of the training but also the method of delivery. The marketing of training courses also provided a challenge for EO’s. Traditional methods still provided a number of participants but the increasing use of social media was highlighted. 

At the conclusion of the workshop participants agreed to join an online group so they could share information and course content.

The second workshop looked at “Strengthening Regional EO’s. This workshop was attended by representatives from the same six EO’s and provided the opportunity to share experiences on how regional offices can play a key role in the recruitment and retention of members as well as inputting into policy development both at a regional as well as at a national level.

One of the major issues raised throughout the workshop was to ensure that the regional offices are integrated into the work of the EO and not left to work as isolated units. This in turn meant that greater emphasis should be given to more effective communication between head office and the regions as well as communication between the regional office and its members.

The workshop also highlighted the need to ensure that the regions are closely involved in policy development and feel that they are part of one organisation.

Having shared a number of experiences at the workshop participants agreed to also develop an online group to share information and best practise.