A firm commitment to Social Dialogue A firm commitment to Social Dialogue

A firm commitment to Social Dialogue

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On a recent mission to Peru  DECP was pleased to note that Peruvian employers’ and workers' organizations are determined to continue with the establishment of a social dialogue in their country. After the election of mr. Pedro Pablo Kuczynksi as president early June,  further development of this dialogue seems imminent, especially in industry, construction and agriculture. On the workers’ side the Confederación General de Trabajadores del Peru (CGTP) is taking the lead. On the employers' side it is the Sociedad Nacional de Industria (SNI).  The Camara Peruana de la Construcción (Capeco) and the Associación de Gremios Productores Agrarios del Peru (Agap) are also intensifying the cooperation with the unions.

DECP supports SNI actively in the development of social dialogue and the strengthening of the organization. In this DECP collaborates closely with the Netherlands’ embassy in Lima, the ILO and FNV Mondiaal, which supports CGTP.


In October, a delegation of five directors of CGTP and SNI will come to the Netherlands for a three weeks internship in the Stichting van de Arbeid (Labour Foundation). The aim is to acquire in depth knowledge of the way social dialogue works in the Netherlands and the actual wheeling and dealing.