A second Conference on Labour Relations A second Conference on Labour Relations

A second Conference on Labour Relations

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The objective of the activity was to start a network “to share views with experts/ representatives on Labour relations to help establish a system / organization in Vietnam to survey and ensure the quality of the training provided to members (of VCCI) and to ensure that skills and quality of the trainers are kept ‘state of the art’ at all times and in every relevant aspect”.  These trainings are meant to support harmonious Labour Relations in Vietnam.

All intended representatives of this Conference participated: VCCI/ VWEC, Vietnamese trainers (trained by DECP), MOLISA (ministry of Social Affairs) , , Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (Trade Union), except for the universities (National Teachers Day). Also a few large companies were represented.

Besides employers and managers TU and MOLISA suggested to add TU and employees to our target groups of clients for this activity.

The Conference supported the plans to do professional marketing research and development, to install an official Network of Trainers, to involve Molisa and TU in marketing of the activities. Further suggestions were  to involve big companies (Vinicomine) in developing dedicated programs, to use the Industrial Zone approach, including our mediation experiences in expanding the Network, to link the negotiation Program to the Mediation Program and further investigation of Funding Possibilities of the activities, since DECP contribution will be temporary and diminishing soon.