Advice to APBiH in Bosnia Hercegovina

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From July 24-26, Jean-Marie Standaert (Special Advisor of DECP) visited Sarajevo at the request of APBiH (Association of Employers of Bosnia and Hercegovina).  APBiH is a state-level EO, founded in 2004 by 3 entity organizations:


  • the UPFBiH (Employers Association operating at the level of the Federation of Bosnia Hercegovina);
  • The ECRS from the Republika Srpska (RS), residing in Banja Luka;
  • The Union of Private Employers, also from RS.

Recently, a new Employer's Confederation from the District of Brcko has joined the APBiH.

Meetings took place with Mr. Damir Miljevic, Chairman of the Assembly of APBiH and also President of ECRS and with Mr. Tomislav Grizelj, Chairman of the Board and also President of UPFBiH as well as with Mr. Remzo Baksic, Director of APBiH. The main topic was to discuss the functioning of the employers' organizations.

At the end of those meetings, several proposals were formulated in order to improve the functioning and services to the members. Those proposals should now be examined in the coming weeks by the board and assembly of the respective organisations, and they will become subject for further cooperation between the respective employers' organizations and DECP.