Advisory mission to Association of Tanzania Employers

Advisory mission to Association of Tanzania Employers

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The DECP Country Manager for Tanzania, Andrew Moore, made one of his regular visits the Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) in Dar es Salaam from 21 -26 October 2009.

One of the major objectives for his visit was to work with staff on preparing a membership survey which will act as a basis for a membership recruitment campaign to be undertaken in early 2010.

During the course of his mission he also spent time in discussions with the Director of the ILO for Tanzania, as well as with the other major sponsors of ATE to see how ATE and the other East African Employers' Organisations can work together in Arusha to influence the East African Community (EAC).

Andrew Moore also took the opportunity of attending the ATE Annual General Meeting on Friday October 23rd. Some 75 members attended this meeting. Before the formal AGM, a presentation from the ILO was given on the impact of the financial crises on employment, followed by a presentation from two consultants who presented the results of a survey they had carried out for ATE on productivity and competitiveness.