advisory mission to BIZNESALBANIA. advisory mission to BIZNESALBANIA.

advisory mission to BIZNESALBANIA.

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On 27 to 30 April 2010, Mr. J.M. Standaert, special advisor of DECP, visited Tirana with the aim to examine with the promotors of BIZNESALBANIA about the state of their registration at the court of Tirana.  

More than 30 sector and local business organisations of Albania decided on 8 January 2009, during a founding assembly, to set-up a new confederation of Albanian Employers, called BIZNESALBANIA. Draft statutes were prepared by a steering committee, chaired by Ing. Luigj Aleksi, president of the Albanian Constructors Association. The draft statutes have to be submitted to the court of Tirana for the registration of the new confederation. Strangely enough, the court rejected the application, and the steering committee decided to submit a new application in March 2010. It is now expected that BIZNESALBANIA will now be registered in the near future. 

During his visit, Mr. Standaert had also a meeting with the professionals of BIZNESALBANIA and the expert who had to draft a proposal for a call from EuropeAid for Civil Society Facility.