Advisory mission to CADIN Advisory mission to CADIN

Advisory mission to CADIN

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Thieu Korten, special advisor of DECP, visited the Camara de Industria de Nicaragua (CADIN), a partner of DECP, to discuss running cooperation projects.  Meetings were held with members of the Board, with the executive director of CADIN, Roberto Solorzano, and with Juan Carlos Amador, director of CENAMI, which is CADIN’s help- and service desk for SME’s.

With support of DECP a CRM-system has been developed to improve CADIN’s service to members. This system is now operational and will also be used to record problems SME’s face when dealing with legal obligations.  DECP suggested some further improvements which would enable CADIN to keep track of all events in the relationship with a member (questions asked, answers and solutions provided, follow-up actions taken when and by whom, documents exchanged, etcetera). 

New potential cooperation projects were also discussed. Among these the publication of a guide for SME’s providing them with all relevant information on how and where they can solve their financing needs and setting up an ‘Employer of the Year’ award system.

In the short run CADIN will present more detailed proposals to DECP for further discussion.