Advisory mission to CNPM Moldova Advisory mission to CNPM Moldova

Advisory mission to CNPM Moldova

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As follow-up of the Partnership Agreement signed in June 2008 between CNPM and DECP, J.M. Standaert visited the Confederation of Employers of Moldova in Chisinau and its main members, FNPAIA (agriculture and food processing), ConDruMat (construction and building materials) and UTD (road transport). This visit took place from 11 to 13 March 2009.  
Since January 2009 a new law on Occupational Safety and Health was introduced in Moldova. The law is based on the EU-directives and sets new tasks and responsibilities for the employers. The FNPAIA and DECP agreed to cooperate in setting-up an external OSH service for the members of FNPAIA.  
CNPM has a new website: has still to be completed as CNPM is convinced that is has to develop the information with the members.  
CNPM and DECP also agree in organizing a seminar on the PCM (Programme Cycle Management) for the staff-professionals of its organisation and its members.