Advisory mission to Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) Advisory mission to Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE)

Advisory mission to Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE)

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The purpose of this visit was to continue to work on a number of issues raised in Andrew Moore's previous visits in 2007 and to explore new ways in which the DECP can help in the developments in the FKE. The last visit took place in November and since then Kenya had has some very difficult post-General Elections times. During these troubled times, the FKE had played a significant role and had worked closely with other private sector organisations to ensure that the employer's voice was heard loud and clear.

In order to strengthen their role in advocacy, a new Resource Centre has been established, in charge of carrying out the necessary research to prepare papers on the various FKE issues. These issues are then taken to the regions for discussion and agreement and afterwards they are presented to the government.

FKE has been running a very successful training programme on the new Labour Law. The importance of developing new and updated courses was discussed.

In order to improve the services to its members, specifically in the region of Industrial Relations and of  Information Technology, new members of staff have been appointed. Other topics discussed included the support training courses planned for later this year, to be given by ILO/ITC in close cooperation with DECP. These include an in-depth Lobby training and a training on Negotiation techniques.