Advisory mission to FKE in Kenya

Advisory mission to FKE in Kenya

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The Country Manager for Kenya, Andrew Moore, made one of his regular missions to the FKE (Federation of Kenya Employers) in Nairobi from 14 -18 September 2009.

During the course of his visit Andrew had the opportunity of meeting -on an individual basis- with all the senior staff in order to discuss a number of issues which the FKE needs to address as it continues to improve its service to its members.

He also visited one of the FKE regional offices in Western Kenya where he met with the Regional Chairman and Vice Chairman. During this meeting it was discussed how the FKE in Nairobi could work more closely with the region.

Resulting from his visit, the FKE and the Country Manager jointly agreed to prepare two strategic papers for the FKE on how to improve membership issues in Nairobi as well as in the regions.

Andrew Moore also took the opportunity of meeting with Ms. Corinne Abbas, Commercial Attachée, at the Netherlands Embassy in order to brief her on the work DECP is undertaking with FKE.