Advisory mission to FKE Kenya

Advisory mission to FKE Kenya

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

DECP, represented by Country Manager Andrew Moore, was present during the 50th Anniversary of the Federation of Kenya Employers. On May 18 & 19, they had organised a two-day Conference on “The financial crises, economic recovery and employment”. Andrew was asked to speak about some of the problems being faced in the UK and at the same time he highlighted some of the key challenges facing the FKE such as its need to enhance membership together with a much stronger drive on advocacy. He then stated that DECP will continue to assist FKE to achieve these goals.

The conference dinner was attended by some 300 members and guests and it  was also the opportunity for the FKE to launch its new logo, which was well received by members.

Andrew Moore then spent the following three days at the FKE offices, during which fruitful discussions with the Executive Director, Jacqueline Mugo, took place but also with recently appointed staff like the Communications & PR Manager, the Marketing Manager and the Finance Manager.

It was agreed upon to work closely together on a wide range of issues.