Advisory missions by DECP country manager to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania Advisory missions by DECP country manager to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania

Advisory missions by DECP country manager to Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania

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Andrew Moore, the DECP Country Manager for a number of East African countries, travelled to the following countries, visiting DECP’s partner organisations in the region: 

The Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE)  20-21 September 2010. 
The key objective of this two day visit was to work with FKE staff on the development of their “Business Agenda”. During the course of the meetings it was agreed that a number of key policy issues such as the Training Levy/Skill Shortages/Review of the Labour Laws should be included.  The visit to the FKE also provided the opportunity to discuss developments at an East African Community (EAC) level with Jacqueline Mugo who is the Chair Elect of the East African Employers Organisation (EAEO). These discussions covered the registration of the EAEO with the Tanzanian authorities as well as the work plan for the consultants in Arusha.   

The Rwanda Private Sector Federation (PSF)  22 – 24 September 2010. 
The DECP, together with the representative from the ProInvest project, visited the PSF in Kigali from 22 – 24 September 2010. The visit had two main objectives. The first one was to work with PSF staff on the development of the Business Agenda which should be adopted by the PSF Board before the end of 2010. There was general agreement on the topics to be included in the Business Agenda. The second objective was for the DECP to continue to work with PSF staff on a number of structural and membership issues, such as the further development of the East African Employers’ Organisation. 

During the course of the visit final interviews took place for the post of CEO and an appointment was made.  

The Federation of Ugandan Employers (FUE) 25 – 28 September 2010. 
This visit was an opportunity for meetings with each of the teams in the FUE to discuss developments. One matter discussed was the continued development of the FUE Membership Pack and the need to ensure continued communication with FUE members on key issues.  

Discussions also took place on the need to follow up on outstanding subscriptions. This would be helped considerably by the implementation of the proposed “Account Management” process. The visit was an opportunity to discuss developments at an East African Community level and the input of the FUE into the soon to be formed East African Employers Organisation. 

The Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE) 28 Sept. – 2 October 2010. 
DECP attended the 50th Anniversary Celebrations for ATE in Dar es Salaam on 1 October 2010. These celebrations took the form of a high level seminar on “Regional Integration” with speakers from the East African Community and other Tanzanian based organisations. The celebrations concluded with a Gala Dinner in Dar es Salaam attended by the immediate Past President of Tanzania as the Guest of Honour. 

The mission also provided the opportunity for DECP to follow up on progress on the ProInvest programme in particular, on the main topics for the ATE Business Agenda and also on developments in respect of the East African Employers Organisation in Arusha.