Advisory missions DECP country manager to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

Advisory missions DECP country manager to Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

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Andrew Moore, the DECP Country Manager for a number of East African countries, travelled to the following countries, visiting DECP’s partner organisations in the region:

Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE): April 24th – May 1st

During this visit to Kampala, he took the opportunity of visiting the Eastern regional office of the FUE, where he had meetings with members and the regional staff representative. He was also able to join the FUE in donating supplies to victims of the major landslide tragedy.

During the course of the mission Andrew Moore spent a considerable amount of time exploring the major challenges facing FUE on the financial front. He also looked in detail at the regional structure and what could be done to improve them in all the regions.

Time was also spent on how FUE communicates with its members both in terms of written communication as well as in arranging briefing meetings.Meeting of the Steering Committee for EAC Workshop for East African Employers’ organisations: Arusha (Tanzania): May 2-8

Following agreement by the Chairs and Executive Directors of the employer’s organisations in the East African Community in Kampala in February 2010, the first meeting of the newly established Steering Committee was held in Arusha from 5-7 May 2010.

The workshop received a presentation from the Secretary General of the East African Trade Unions and discussed in detail a number of common areas of interest and concern.

A presentation was also received from the East African Business Council (EABC) on the possibility of establishing a “Cluster” for East African employer’s organisations. Resulting from the presentation and discussions which followed, a letter was sent to the EABC signed by all those present, formally requesting the setting up of the cluster.

A draft Constitution for the soon to be formed East African Employers Organisations was discussed and agreement reached for final discussion by the Chairs and Executive directors in Geneva in June.

Proinvest & Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE): 8-15 May 2010

Andrew Moore spent one week in Nairobi during which he attended and facilitated at the first seminar to be held under the EU funded Proinvest project. The programme provides support in the areas of advocacy, services as well as communication for the employers organisations from Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

The two day seminar was a successful start to the eighteen month project.

The seminar was held at the offices of the Federation of Kenya Employers which enabled the DECP Country Manager to spend time discussing a wide range of issues with the Executive Director and with senior staf

Private Sector Federation in Rwanda (PSF): May 11

In between, a one-day visit was made to the Private Sector Federation in Kigali in order to meet with the Chairman and senior staff to discuss the major changes that have taken place within the organisation over the last six to nine months.

Resulting from the discussions it was agreed that a timetable would be prepared for DECP involvement both in terms of working with PSF staff but also in helping to train members of the soon to be appointed new PSF Board Members and regional representatives.

Association of Tanzania Employers (ATE): May 16-19

During this three day visit his main objective was to meet with the Executive Director and senior staff. He discussed the possibility of ATE receiving funding for an advocacy post and what key areas this post should cover.

The mission was also an opportunity of meeting with DANIDA in order to advise them of the outcome of the first Steering group meeting of the East African Employers Organisation. DANIDA will be funding the consultant based in Arusha.

During the course of the mission Andrew had meetings with the Head of Marketing and Communications at ATE to discuss the completion of a draft ATE membership pack which will be sent to all members and potential members.