Assisting companies in implementing CSR

Assisting companies in implementing CSR

Peter Boorsma Country manager View profile

Regional employers’ federations of Bolivia will assist companies in implementing CSR. With financial support by DECP  managers and professionals of the BMOs met in Santa Cruz de la Sierra on 12 and May 13 in order to work out a business plan for each region and to train advisory skills. Since last year six federations have their own CSR Observatory. They  aim to create awareness, to inform but also assist companies in implementing CSR.

During the meeting, the attendees were informed of the latest developments concerning the CSR Observatory. Also the new managers of the La Paz and Potosí federations were informed about the history of the project.

The second day the group was divided into two. The group of professionals were trained by Lizette Demartini from Cochabamba in advising companies in the field. Cochabamba first started a centre and has already gained a lot of experience.

The professionals responsible for CSR each received a CD with supporting documents, teaching materials, the Trademark CSR and information about the several types of service, so that they can properly use the tools. They also were instructed in how to use and maintain their part of the website