BIZNESALBANIA: new Confederation of Employers of Albania

BIZNESALBANIA: new Confederation of Employers of Albania

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On 8 January 2009 the founding assembly of BIZNESALBANIA took place in Hotel Tirana International. 28 sector and regional employers’ organizations decided to set-up a new Confederation of Employers of Albania.

The main sectors represented were the construction sector, several branches of food an drinks, bank and insurance, distribution, textile and appareil, construction materials, tourism, hotel and restaurants, transport, professional and business women association, etc.

The founding assembly was prepared by a workgroup chaired by Mr. Luigj Aleksi, president of the Albanian Construction Association.

The assembly mandated the workgroup with the formalities for the registration of the new Confederation.

It’s the ambition of the new confederation to become the main interlocutor of the government and the trade unions on behalf of the employers and business of Albania. BIZNESALBANIA wants also to be closely informed and prepared for the implementation of the Stability and Accession Agreement with the EU.

Mr. J.M. Standaert, special advisor of DECP, was invited to make a presentation about “BIZNESALBANIA: the Voice of Business in Albania”.