Celebrating RUEA's 5th Anniversary Celebrating RUEA's 5th Anniversary

Celebrating RUEA's 5th Anniversary

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On 21th November 2012, RUEA organised a special celebration in Yerevan at the occasion of its 5th anniversary: RUEA was founded on 15th November 2007 by about 120 members.  In 2009 it concluded a Partnership Agreement with DECP.  Today,  it represents over 10.000 enterprises, employing more than 60.000 people.

About 150 participants were welcomed by Mr. Gagik Makaryan, president of RUEA. Congratulations were expressed by the Minister of Labour of Armania, by the vice-minister of Education and by the president of the Trade Unions. The international organisations were represented by Mrs. Kocmur, the ACT/EMP Senior Specialist of ILO-Moscow, by Mr. Zimmermann from the Bildungswerk der Wirtschaft Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and by J.M. Standaert, special advisor DECP.