CGECI and DECP conduct long distance webinar

CGECI and DECP conduct long distance webinar

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

Although the corona pandemic has disrupted many processes, the employers’ organisation of Ivory Coast (CGECI) and DECP find creative ways to continue their collaboration.

Of course, the management of CGECI is focussing on COVID-19 related topics such as preventing the virus from spreading and advocate for the interests of the private sector. However, this does not alter the fact that attention will also continue to be paid to the further development of services for members. That is why CGECI and DECP set up a webinar to try out how members can be reached and informed and even receive training on distance. If successful, this experiment can be further developed as part of the service package. Members from all over the country can take advantage of it.

CGECI has chosen to conduct an internal pilot titled; how to continue lifelong learning during the pandemic?  DECP developed an integrated webinar concept in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Simon Beausaert, professor of Learning & Development in Organisations at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands. They identified a series of issues directly related to contentious learning and linked them to the current restrictions of COVID-19. Issues like ‘competencies’, ‘learning culture’, ‘learning coach’, setting objectives’, ‘learning interventions’ and ‘assessments’ as well as the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees where addressed. The participants -around 20 staff members of CGECI- received a programme on forehand.

The technical issues of the webinar where facilitated by experts of CGECI making everything run smoothly. After a board member welcomed everyone, Professor Beausaert and Jos van Erp (DECP) engaged in a dialogue discussing the above mentioned issues. The participants took notes and after around 35 minutes they could ask questions.

Mr. Edouard LADOUYOU, HR Director of CGECI, concluded; ‘We learned from this pilot that it is important to further develop remote services. The current situation forces us to do so. But we are discovering unprecedented opportunities to reach all of our members efficiently’. Professor Beausaert added: ‘For me it is exciting to discover that the general aspects of Learning & Development in Organisations, which is my field of expertise, are recognized and important all over the world. They go far beyond cultures and continents. It was my pleasure to share my knowledge with the staff members of CGECI!’ The webinar has been recorded and can be analysed by the project managers of CGECI. The participants will receive a summary shortly which is part of the integral learning concept.

The project managers of CGECI now will continue to develop a full package of remote online sharing of information, training, e-learning and relation management.


CGECI and DECP discovered that trainingconcepts can be offered successfully on-line. This offers extended opportunities for training, information transfer and relationship management to employers' organisations