Communication 'brainstorm' with FKE staff Communication 'brainstorm' with FKE staff

Communication 'brainstorm' with FKE staff

Andrew Moore Country manager View profile

The DECP undertook a half day training session at the FKE in Nairobi on Monday 2 July 2012. The training concentrated on how the FKE communicated with its members and also how it was communicating internally.

The training looked in detail at how FKE could not only recruit members but how it could retain the current membership by increasing its communication. The development of the “FKE Membership Pack” was seen as a very effective tool in setting out what exactly the FKE does and the benefits of membership

The training was also an opportunity to discuss the draft “FKE Manifesto” which is being prepared prior to the up and coming elections in Kenya and which will set out what employers are looking for from the political parties.