Cooperation between DECP and PSF

Cooperation between DECP and PSF

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From August 22-24 the DECP undertook a two day mission to the Private Sector Federation (PSF) in Kigali. The main objective of the mission was to discuss the continuation of the working relationship between the PSF and the DECP.

During the course of the mission the country manager Andrew Moore had discussions with senior staff and stated that if the relationship were to continue then clear objectives needed to be set and achieved.

It was agreed that the DECP would return to Kigali during the course of September to work with PSF staff to establish what support the DECP could give to the PSF in order to help it achieve a number of the goals set out in its Strategic Plan.

The DECP is looking at the possibility of providing further training for the PSF staff in the districts across Rwanda as well as training for the Directors of the PSF Chambers. These trainings would build on the training undertaken by the DECP in 2012.