CRM significantly improved and applied

CRM significantly improved and applied

Jos van Erp Deputy Director View profile

ITC-ILO, the international training centre of the ILO, introduced in 2012 their well know CRM system. Since then, it has been installed and implemented in over 65 countries. Recently, a new version has been introduced with more security, new graphic interface and a survey section. In February and March the employers’ organisations of Bénin, Togo and Ivory Coast will be trained with the aim to get the best out of it. Preparatory video conferences were held on 1 and 2 February in the presence of representatives of ACTEMP and DECP.

CRM stand for Customer Relationship Management. The system has been developed specifically for employers' organisations. It is a database, built with open source technology, customizable and user-friendly. The system contains seven application sections. The Membership section offers the possibility to store data about members and potential members and contacts, establish individual contacts with members and associations, analyse members and potential members, search for specific information about members and potential members and update the data by sending each member a personalized link (improved version 2020). Other sections are ‘Activities’, ‘Marketing & Communication’, ‘Surveys’, ‘Billing’, ‘Reports’ and ‘Management & Administration’.

The employers’ organisation of Bénin (CNPB, Conseil National du Patronat du Bénin) will be introduced to the system for the first time during the training in the period February-March. The employers’ organisations of Togo and Ivory Coast already worked for several years with the previous version, but the staff members will be upgraded by online training as well. Their questions to the experts of ITC-ILO were mainly technical. Moreover, there is a lot of interest in making better use of marketing and billing opportunities.

The representatives of ACTEMP (Senegal, West Africa) and DECP expressed their confidence in both the ITC-ILO experts and the staff of the respective employers’ organisations that they will make a big step forwards in membership management. Once the CRM system has been updated and implemented, they meet the latest ICT standards. DECP is more than happy to support this project.