DECP program to enhance labor relations DECP program to enhance labor relations

DECP program to enhance labor relations

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On November 2nd en 3rd  2015  Vietnamese trainers from both the South and the North met in HO Chi Minh City for a refreshment and reflection training ‘partly’ prepared by the Dutch trainers of DECP/ AWVN.  Partly, because DECP decided to delegate the Program development of the second day of the refreshment to the Top trainers from the north and the south regions.

After the first day in which deepening knowledge and skills were attained, the second day the trainer group demonstrated growing self-confidence in conducting a training and using the special skills of training DECP and VCCI/ VWEC have worked on ever since 2011 in negotiation and mediation skills. The Dutch trainers introduced the metaphor of the trainer acting as ‘sand paper’ for participants: “how to get participants out of their comfort zone to learn even more, not only in knowledge, but also in awareness, skills and attitude”.

This kind of training,  in particular using video in role plays,  are unique selling points of The Trainer Club of VCCI/ VWEC trained by DECP.  Most important for further development of the trainers is the market development, which slowly on is developing. Also repeating sessions like this for the Network Club of trainers facilitated by our top Vietnamese trainers will help a lot in further development of our trainers, thus supporting the development of sound labour relations in Vietnam. The Ministry of Social Affairs, VCCI and Trade Unions agree that improving labor relations is a major priority in the development of businesses in Vietnam. The Trainer Club of VCCI/ VWEC can play an important role in achieving this improvement.