DECP supports 3 membership events to raise GEA's profile

DECP supports 3 membership events to raise GEA's profile

Arnout de Koster Country manager View profile

The DECP undertook one of its regular advisory missions to the Ghana Employers Association (GEA) in Accra Ghana from 26-29 May 2013.

The mission provided the opportunity to discuss in detail the three membership events which had taken place over the last few months and which had been promoted and supported by the DECP.

Two events had taken place in regions and had received an attendance of some fifty members and potential members at each. The events had provided the opportunity for the GEA to brief delegates on the work currently being undertaken by the GEA both at a national as well as at a regional level. The events definitely enhanced potential members' interest in becoming a member of the GEA.

A major policy event was held in Accra which looked in detail at the very important issue of resolving Ghana’s energy challenge. This event was attended by some 120 delegates among which representatives from the Ghana Ministry of Energy and looked at what action is being taken and what further steps need to be taken to keep up with the ever growing economy across the country.

Each event provided the opportunity for the GEA to distribute copies of its recently published “GEA Membership Pack” which sets out in detail what GEA offers its membership. This publication had been supported by the DECP.

Discussions also took place on issues including the revision of the labour disputes procedure and also the implementation of the new pension schemes which are causing employers concern.