DECP supports Conciliation and Arbitration Centre DECP supports Conciliation and Arbitration Centre

DECP supports Conciliation and Arbitration Centre

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On May 28th 2013 the Chamber of Commerce of Oruro (Bolivia) started the activities of the local Conciliation and Arbitration Centre for business disputes by holding a seminar for managers, lawyers and law students.The objective of the seminar was to provide information on definitions, regulations and procedures of commercial conciliation and arbitration in Bolivia.

Conciliation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedure whereby the parties to a dispute use a conciliator, who meets with the parties separately in an attempt to resolve their differences. They do this by lowering tensions, improving communications, interpreting issues, providing technical assistance, exploring potential solutions and bringing about a negotiated settlement.

Arbitration is a technique for the resolution of disputes outside court, where the parties involved  refer to one or more persons (the ‘arbiters’) whose decision - they have agreed to - is binding.

The Centre, that was established with some financial support of DECP, starts operating formally in July 2013 when the official license of the Bolivian government will be granted.  The Bolivian government will also take care of the training of mediators. The Centre itself will take care of the training of the arbiters.

Victor Hugo Rodriguez Garcia, general manager of the Chamber of Commerce of Oruro,  indicated that he is very pleased with the creation of the Centre and that he is firmly convinced of the benefits of the Centre for the local business community. Several disputes already have already been presented to be solved by the Centre.