DECP supports innovative approach by ITC/ILO

DECP supports innovative approach by ITC/ILO

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In the autumn of 2012 the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITC/ILO) in Turin developed an innovative approach for the training of high-level staff and board members of business member organisations. It was called the Master Training on Effective Business Member Organisation. It combined 10 weeks of  e-learning and a five-day face to face training which took place from 4 to 8 March 2013.

DECP responded positively when ITC/ILO asked for assistance and supported the participation of 6 representatives from Indonesia, Uganda, Tanzania, Albania and Mongolia.

It turned out to be a worthwhile investment. Participants were highly appreciative of the background information and learning material provided online, as well as the interactive sessions and weekly assignments.

The five-day face to face training, mixing 21 participants from some 15 countries worldwide proved to be very productive, even leading to the setting up of networks and exchanges.

In their evaluations participants were highly positive and committed themselves to produce and send in an action plan for their respective organisations as soon as they return home.