Drafting a Policy Book of the FNPAIA Drafting a Policy Book of the FNPAIA

Drafting a Policy Book of the FNPAIA

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In view of the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Moldova, DECP agreed to support FNPAIA (National Federation of Employers in Agriculture & Food Industry) in preparing a “Policy Book” of the organisation with the views and wishes of the members regarding the policy towards agriculture and food 
processing industry in Moldova.  

FNPAIA is the umbrella organisation of all agriculture and food processing organisations in Moldova. This sector is the main sector in Moldova, representing over 50 % of the GDP. FNPAIA is a member of CNPM (National Confederation of Employers) with which DECP signed a partnership agreement in June 2008. 

In view of the preparation of this Policy Book, FNPAIA scheduled –between mid August and mid October- a total of 11 round tables with its members at regional level. J.M. Standaert, special advisor of DECP, attended 2 of them in Orhei on 24 August and in Stefan Voda, on 26 August 2010. 

The meetings were well prepared by Mrs Eugenia Ganea. After a short introduction by the president of FNPAIA, Mr. Alexandr Slusari, the participants were invited to express their views. Nearly all participants took the floor and raised concrete issues, for example land reform and property issues, waste management, 
subvention and subsidies, importance of burocratic formalities for a return of a very small amount of money, credit policy, ecological production methods, lack of transparency of decisions by the ministry of agriculture, etc. 

At the end of each round table it was agreed that members will send their comments on the draft policy book to FNPAIA so that they can be integrated in the final document which will be made public at the end of November. The Policy Book will become a handbook for FNPAIA’s future lobby activities.