dvisory mission to KPK Kosovo dvisory mission to KPK Kosovo

dvisory mission to KPK Kosovo

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From 16 to 19 February 2010, J.M. Standaert of DECP visited the Kosovo employers' organisation KPK in Prishtina. In the new premises of KPK, he had meetings with Mr. Ajri Begu, president of KPK, together with his main assistants. Some of the matters discussed included the making of a strategic plan for the future and ways to attract more new members.  

KPK plans to submit a proposal to EuropeAid for a project on regional economic development. If  the project is granted to them KPK believes this will allow them to extend their activities to the interior of Kosovo and thus attain a larger member base.  DECP agreed to support KPK in applying for this proposal by giving them advice on the  filling in of the forms, in case this should be necessary. 

The DECP country manager and Mr. Begu also attended a meeting at the Agency for support of SME’s of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). KPK is a member of the advisory council for SME’s. 

Mr. Standaert also visited the Dutch Embassy in Prishtina, where he had a fruitful meeting with the new deputy ambassador of The Netherlands, Mrs. Emma Kay,