Employers' organisations stimulate formal employment

Employers' organisations stimulate formal employment

Peter Boorsma Country manager View profile

Employers' organisations from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia are starting worktables to develop ideas for the promotion of formal employment in the region. That was the outcome of a discussion following the publication of the report "Diagnostico y estrategia de reactivación postcovid-19 en Colombia". This international comparative study was carried out by CESLA, the research agency of the employers' organisation ANDI, with the support of DECP.

The rapid response of most Andean countries to the pandemic outbreak and strict measures have resulted in severe job losses. In Colombia there are now 2 million people less at work, mainly young people and women. Currently, the labour market is rebounding, mainly thanks to autonomous and informal workers. Employment in formal jobs however is hardly increasing.

According to representatives from ANDI (Colombia), SNI (Peru), FEPT (Bolivia) and CIP (Ecuador), now it is important to take steps to promote formal employment. The four countries will therefore soon be starting a series of worktables to formulate proposals. DECP will support them in this.