Excellent skills workshop in Lusaka

Excellent skills workshop in Lusaka

Jannes van der Velde Country manager View profile

Skills projects are an excellent way to improve the quality of workers and are therefor a great way for employers’ organisations to assist their members. But in order to make such projects successful member companies require certain skills themselves, to coach and develop the workers. 

It was exactly that argument that made the Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) organise a workshop on didactics for companies that participate in a skills and internship programme financed by DECP. The workshop – held in Lusaka early July 2022 -  focused on ways to approach workers and interns that need to improve (technical) skills. 

The 30 participants reacted very positive to the things DECP skills expert Jos van Erp told them and the methodologies he presented. They should now be ready to turn their own skills programmes into successes.