exchange of experiences in collective bargaining

exchange of experiences in collective bargaining

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The new partner of DECP, the Serbian Association of Employers, has recently agreed with the Trade Unions and the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of Serbia, to start negotiations for concluding collective agreements at the level of 6 important sectors.

In view of the start of those negotiations, the SAE has asked DECP to animate a workshop with experts from the staff of SAE and representatives of the sectors, as metal industry, construction, tourism, agriculture and food, non ferro metals, and textile and garment.

The workshop took place on Friday 28 February 2009 in the premises of SAE in Belgrade. The workshop was attended by representatives of the textile sector and the agro-industry. Mr. Standaert, special advisor of DECP, gave an introduction based on his experience in bargaining with the Trade Unions. SAE had also translated and distributed his brochure on “collective bargaining by employers’ organizations”, that was published in 2005 by ILO-Bureau for Employers’ Activities.

After the workshop he had a special meeting with the representatives of the metal industry.

At the end of the workshop, all participants declared that such exchange of experience was very useful and should be continued. The representative of DECP declaredto be at the disposal of the SAE-members for further support.